Welcome to the VAB Job Bank. Listed below are the latest job opportunities offered by the VAB Members. There are currently 31 jobs in the VAB Job Bank. To view the details about the job, click on job's title. You may also click on the column headings to sort the jobs by the selected heading. 


Resume Posting Tips

While it is tempting to simply copy all of the text from your resume document and paste it into the Resume Bank Entry Form, do not do this. The VAB Job Bank is designed to store basic information about your broadcasting professional experience in a raw text format. It is not designed to store detailed, lengthy, or specially formatted resumes copied from desktop publishing programs.


PositionLocationsEmployment TypeDepartmentOrganizationAdded
Account ExecutiveNorfolk‚ VAFull TimeSalesSinclair Communications7/25/2017
Daybreak/Noon Editor/PhotojournalistWHSVFull TimeNewsWHSV-TV7/22/2017
Administrative AssistantHarrisonburg‚ VAPart TimeBusiness / AdminWMRA Public Radio Network7/19/2017
Account ExecutiveHarrisonburg‚ VAFull TimeSalesWMRA Public Radio Network7/18/2017
Marketing ConsultantRoanokeFull TimeSalesSinclair Television Stations‚ LLC7/17/2017
News ProducerRichmond‚ VAFull TimeNewsNexstar Broadcasting Inc.7/15/2017
News DirectorRichmond‚ VAFull TimeNewsNexstar Broadcasting Inc.7/15/2017
MeteorologistCharlottesville‚ VAFull TimeOn AirVirginia Broadcasting Corporation7/14/2017
Multimedia Journalist-BureauWDBJ - Roanoke‚ VAFull TimeNewsWDBJ Television‚ Inc.7/13/2017
Morning Show Personality WINC FMWinchester‚ VAFull TimeOn AirCentennial Broadcasting II‚ LLC7/10/2017
News Editor - Part TimeWDBJ - Roanoke‚ VAPart TimeNewsWDBJ Television‚ Inc.7/7/2017
Assistant News DirectorLynchburgFull TimeNewsSinclair Television Stations‚ LLC6/29/2017
Assignments EditorRichmondFull TimeNewsNexstar Broadcasting Inc.6/29/2017
News SpecialistRichmond‚ VAPart TimeNewsWWBT‚ Inc.6/27/2017
Master Control Operator Part-TimeLynchburg‚ VAPart TimeEngineeringMorning Star Broadcasting‚ LLC6/23/2017
News EditorLynchburgFull TimeNewsSinclair Television Stations‚ LLC6/21/2017
IT Desktop SupportCharlottesvilleHourly(Other)Charlottesville Radio Group6/15/2017
Office Assistant/ReceptionistChesapeake‚ VAPart TimeBusiness / AdminTidewater Communications6/13/2017
Local Sales ManagerLynchburgFull TimeSalesSinclair Television Stations‚ LLC5/31/2017
Digital Solutions Account ExecutiveWinchester‚ VAFull TimeSalesCentennial Broadcasting II‚ LLC5/30/2017
Account ExecutiveChesapeake‚ VAFull TimeSalesTidewater Communications5/23/2017
Marketing ConsultantWinchester/Leesburg VAFull TimeSalesCentennial Broadcasting II‚ LLC5/16/2017
Master Control OperatorLynchburgFull TimeEngineeringSinclair Television Stations‚ LLC5/12/2017
Reporter/Multimedia JournalistRichmond‚ VAFull TimeNewsNexstar Broadcasting Inc.5/12/2017
Reporter/News AnchorRichmond‚ VAFull TimeNewsNexstar Broadcasting Inc.5/12/2017
Engineer/BroadcastRichmond‚ VAFull TimeEngineeringNexstar Broadcasting Inc.5/12/2017
Outside Sales Account Executive-iHeartMedia Lynchburg‚ VALynchburg‚ VAFull TimeSalesiHeartMedia (Roanoke)4/28/2017
Part Time Street TeamRoanoke‚ VAPart TimePromotioniHeartMedia (Roanoke)4/28/2017
Part Time Street TeamRoanoke‚ VAPart TimePromotioniHeartMedia (Roanoke)4/28/2017
Character Generator OperatorWFXR / RoanokeFull TimePromotionNexstar Broadcasting4/17/2017
Multimedia JournalistWFXR / RoanokeFull TimeNewsNexstar Broadcasting4/17/2017
News ProducerWFXR / RoanokeFull TimeNewsNexstar Broadcasting4/17/2017
Technical News DirectorWFXR / RoanokeFull TimeProductionNexstar Broadcasting4/17/2017
News Assignment EditorLynchburgFull TimeNewsSinclair Television Stations‚ LLC3/24/2017
Promotions AssistantWFXR / RoanokePart TimePromotionNexstar Broadcasting3/22/2017
Outside Sales Account Executive-iHeartMedia Lynchburg‚ VALynchburg‚ VAFull TimeSalesiHeartMedia (Roanoke)3/13/2017
Associate Account Executive-iHeartMediaRoanoke‚ VAFull TimeSalesiHeartMedia (Roanoke)2/22/2017
Part Time Street TeamRoanoke‚ VAPart TimePromotioniHeartMedia (Roanoke)2/16/2017
Account ManagerRocky Mount / MartinsvillePart TimeSalesWNLB Radio Inc.2/15/2017
Underwriting Sales AssociateRichmond/CharlottesvilleFull TimeSaleswnrn fm7/20/2016



Resume Posting Tips

Everyone has their resume stored in Microsoft Word or some other desktop publishing software program.  It's tempting and convenient to simply copy all of the text from your resume and paste it into the Resume Bank Entry Form.  As tempting as this may be, you should not do this.

Why not?
The VAB Job Bank is designed to store basic information about your broadcasting professional experience in a raw text format. It is not designed to store detailed, lengthy, specially formatted resumes copied from your favorite desktop publishing program such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect nor to mimic these formatting features.  As tempting as it may be, you should not copy your resume directly from your publishing program like Microsoft Word and paste it directly into the Resume Bank Entry Form.

Microsoft Word and other letter publishing programs allow you to use a lot of proprietary formatting such as bulleted lines, headings, bold letters, italicized letters, tabbed indents, and so on.  All of these formatting features are known as "markup" which allows you to cosmetically dress up your raw text.  When you copy your resume directly from these programs into a web form field (like the Resume Bank Entry Form), you capture most if not all of this markup and unknowingly paste into the web form along with your text.  In most cases, you usually can't even see the markup code.

Web pages and forms cannot interpret each and every programs' markup codes and as a result, it is often displayed as "garbage" to the web page.  This results in a rather distorted or ugly version of what you pasted. 

All "pasted" data is subject for deletion or rejection into the VAB Resume Bank.

So what should I do?
Save a copy of your resume as a TXT (text) file.  By saving it as TXT file, you remove all of the proprietary markup and this will allow for a clean "paste".  Then open this copy in MS Word or even Windows Notepad and clean it up as needed from that.  Remove all unnecessary line breaks, indents, and so on. Do your best to make it presentable in Windows Notepad or another similiar text editor.

Then, once you have clean text to work with, you can copy from and paste the "cleaned" text into the form.


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