Government Relations

Spectrum Auction Transition

The FCC just completed its long-awaited incentive auction of television spectrum.  While the full results of the auction will not be immediately available, the auction reportedly yielded 84 MHz that was acquired by wireless companies in the "forward auction."  The FCC now will be relocating or "repacking" many stations to new channels over the next 3-plus years. 

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Retransmission Consent

Congress enacted the retransmission consent statute in 1992 to prohibit cable, satellite, telco, and other pay-TV companies from retransmitting and reselling the signals of local television stations without their consent. The law enables local television stations to negotiate with pay-TV companies in a free and highly competitive video marketplace for the privilege of retransmitting and reselling local television broadcast signals.

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Music Licensing - Radio Performance Tax

Federal copyright law already requires local radio stations to pay a performance fee to authors and composers of songs played over the air.  In fact, radio pays approximately $350 million each year to performance rights organizations. 

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Tax Deductibility of Advertising

Advertising has long been the foundational core of our nation's free local broadcast system.  And stations still rely primarily on advertising as their primary source of revenue.  Any changes to the tax laws that may force a drop in advertising revenues would necessarily threaten the viability of Virginia's local radio and television stations to invest in the very local programming - including local news, public affairs and emergency information - that is so important to local communities. 

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